LATICCI's mission is to bring buyers high-quality real leather belts that don't break after a few wears.

LATICCI was founded in 2016 by a painter-photographer and leather enthusiast who (after being hired numerous times to photograph fake leather products to look like real leather in e commerce photos) decided to create a place where customers could buy leather goods with confidence without having to worry what a product is actually made of.

Real cowhide leather belts are superior to any other leather belt material, and a real cowhide leather belt is something you can wear for years. No belts should ever tear, crack, peel, or stretch, especially not after a few wears. We believe consumers should be able to enjoy accessories long-term, and not have to buy new items every month. Fast fashion only results in massive pollution to the environment with all the piles of junk thrown away after minimal use. Learn more about "Genuine Leather" here.

We believe that real leather products should not cost a fortune, and should be affordable. In fact, buying quality leather product saves money, because the product doesn't have to be replaced frequently. We also believe belts are fun to wear and are more than tools to hold your pants in place, so we aim to carry designs that are striking and bold along with the staple black jeans belt.

LATICCI operates from Shanghai, where we design, source, supervise production, and ship our products worldwide.
This is just a start for us, we are working on introducing new product lines with the same promise of high quality and reliability as our belts.

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