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Our Mission

Leather belts have the important function of keeping clothes in place, they can also be a fun accessory to play with to add a specific feel to your outfits. Whether you are wearing a leather belt as a fashion accessory or strictly for keeping up your trousers, a belt should be reliable and strong. Having a torn or ripped belt is not only embarrassing, it is also unnecessary.

At LATICCI our mission is to create long-term accessories, whether you need a super cool studded belt, a bling rhinestone belt, a very stylish formal dress belt, or a basic everyday jeans belt, we have a growing selection of belts for any occasion, all designed and created to be worn long-term.

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Gürtel Herren Jeans Leder Braunem 3,8cm


Mens Black Belt for Chinos, Jeans, Work Wear with Carving 100% Full Grain Leather


Mens Brown Leather Rugged Wear Belt


Men's Rugged Jean Belt Rust 1.5in


Mens Green Leather Casual Belt 1.5in


Mens Grey Leather Chino Belt


What Our Customers Are Saying

I have bought 2 belts from Laticci this was my first purchase, BOTH belts are bad ass! These will last me a life time, heavy duty VERY well crafted! If your looking for cool ass belts Laticci has you covered for sure! Highly recommend! Thank You Laticci!

Mike S., United States
This belt is as better than the online pic. It comes in a very nice sturdy box. It fits nicely, has some weight to it- I expect it will last a lifetime. It is so Cute. I saw Jessica Alba wearing a designer version of this style- hers was  expensive, this belt looks just like hers. Love it! Thank you.

Patricia R, United States
After having gone through a number of cheaper belts, I have been so pleased with this belt. It's much higher quality, and I very much appreciate the leather punch that it came with!

Terry B., Canada
The belt is beautiful and came beautifully packaged as well. I bought two and gave one as a gift. I would definitely order from this seller again in the future.

Laurel S., United Kingdom

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